Rising Damp

How To Properly Manage Rising Damp Problems

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What Is A Rising Damp?

A rising damp is the occurrence of dampness through a process called capillary action wherein the water from the ground rises up through the walls, floors, and masonry. Water rises easily through the fine pores that occur most commonly in older buildings and structures. This process causes dampness to a building’s masonry that is visible. For this reason, treating rising damp properly is crucial because the chances of damaging your property are more possible when the inappropriate form of treatment is applied. This happened in many situations that lead to further deterioration of one’s property. In order to avoid this, this article will help you sort out the proper ways of managing damp problems in your property and building.

The Importance Of Breathability In Walls

Damp rises easily when your building is old. This is primarily because of the fact that older buildings, particularly those who are built mid-19th century are made up of highly absorbent materials which therefore allow the moisture to absorb easily. In addition, old buildings are mostly built without roofing felt and damp proof courses, the moisture below the ground and the rainwater could enter. With this, when upgrading old buildings, it is very important to let it breathe by an equilibrium process in which there are a balance and equality of the moisture that is being absorbed to that of the moisture that evaporates. In this process, you will be able to ensure that your building will maintain dryness and be able to breathe.

Accurate Diagnosis

The importance of the proper treatment of damp problems lies with the accurate diagnosis of the problem. Corrective measures must be done as first steps in the treatment of your damp problems. This may imply that before contacting the help of damp professionals, it is essential to do some basic maintenance. Like for instance, one may check if the rainwater gulley is blocked, improving drainage system, or by addressing the symptoms first and treating it such as having changes in your cooking or washing habits.

Find A Right Contractor

If anything else fails, do not forget that there are damp professionals that are willing to offer their help for your damp issues. However, there are some things you might want to consider in hiring a contractor in order for you to be guaranteed with a good workmanship. Checking whether your contractor offers a backup insurance is essential. This is for you to make certain that if future problems arise, it will still be properly addressed and treated. Also, ensure that your contractor has a good reputation and workmanship. This can be done by having a little background check of the company in which you can search for reviews and feedbacks of their previous customers and checking online resources. You could also ask friends, relatives, and neighbors to help you in deciding who to contact.

Always remember that treating damp problems in your property does not happen overnight. It requires your attention, time and effort in order to properly manage the issue. Rising damp can cause further damage if left untreated, so if you notice symptoms and telltale signs of a rising damp in your property, immediate attention is required. Lastly, ensure a right way of treatment to succeed during the process.