Apartment ownership comes with a lot of perks however, it may also mean making do with whatever space you have. Some people have the financial capacity to buy apartments that have a space that is as big as a typical single detached home. But for those who can’t, they usually end up living in a tiny apartment. The good thing is that there are a lot of things that you can do to make your place look bigger without having to move into a newer and bigger home. You simply need to create an illusion of space by getting rid of clutter and learning how to organize better.

Use Lesser And Larger Furniture

Experts recommend for owners of small apartments not to fill their space with numerous small furniture because they consume more space that can negatively impact their functionality. On the other hand, large furniture takes up a lot of space but you only need a few of them which means you do not have to duplicate certain elements. For instance, a large furniture piece could replace 3 similar yet smaller items. You should also consider purchasing those that create the illusion of space such as chairs with short legs or glass tables. You should also check out signature pieces or a large art piece that could draw the eyes of the onlooker.


Just like glass tables, mirrors too can make a place look bigger than usual. Get a full-length mirror and place it in your living room. Make the area look larger by placing a desk with a lamp in front of it. You can also position the mirror on the wall opposite to a window because it can create the illusion of double windows. It could also help increase the amount of natural light that comes into your home.


Allowing more natural light to flow into a small room can help make it look bigger. Natural lighting is paramount if you want to an illusion of space in your small apartment. On your windows, be sure to use light coloured curtains and blinds. It offers you enough privacy while allowing more light to illuminate your house. You should also consider having larger windows and keep them open so more light comes inside your home. You should also think about installing wall lights and having multiple lamps in the corners of a room.

Paint Colours

When it comes to choosing paint colours, light hues can mimic the effects of natural light. Light hues can make a room look open and longer. If you check out the designs of some of today’s posh apartments, you will see that most of them use light, neutral, and softer colours. Such kind of hues absorb light and enhances the rooms features while making it look bigger than usual. You should also avoid patterns because they can make the walls feel closer. In case you want to have some dark shade, you can accentuate it with light-hued furnishings and neutral coloured accessories.

Built-In Shelves

 Built-in shelves and storage units are growing in popularity these days because of the rise in smaller spaced homes and apartment units.  You should think of placing some shelves above the toilet so you could free up some space in your bathroom. A few other alternatives include placing a shelf above your bed’s headboard or maybe filling an entire wall with it. These pieces are not only for storage but can also be used to hold ornamental pieces, home entertainment systems, and books. Vertical storage units are also a great option because they consume less floor space.

You need to have an open mind if you are decorating a tiny apartment. You can also study the recent projects of successful developers like the CEO of Coronation Property Joe Nahas. Checking out his developments would help you understand how you can have smarter space in a tiny yet cozy apartment.