History Of Bathroom Asbestos Removal

Hiring The Right Bathroom Asbestos Removal Contractor

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Risks Of Asbestos

Surprisingly, despite the negative reputation that asbestos has been getting lately, it has lasted in the construction industry for over 150 years. So why then has no one been able to link asbestos with certain diseases? One of the reasons is that asbestos affects the body gradually; so you may have been exposed to it during a certain time, only for you to become aware of its effects some ten years later. People who have been affected by asbestos are those who were exposed to it for long periods of time such as construction workers, miners, and firefighters. This material has been shown to cause lung cancer and asbestosis.

Because of its dangerous nature, not just anyone can handle its removal and disposal. There are people who are skilled, licensed professionals who are trained in handling asbestos. You may be an avid DIY-er but there are some things that are best left to professionals.

Hire The Right Contractor

Hiring a bathroom asbestos removal company should be as easy as choosing the first company you come across, right? Wrong. Are you aware that there are a number of ‘professionals’ who are out to take a bite out of your hard earned cash? Also, insurance companies will refuse to cover any damages occurred during the bathroom asbestos removal as a result of phony contractors. Most fake contractors will entice you with offers of almost half the price of what a normal asbestos removal company would charge. To avoid all this, you should read the tips outlined below to help you hire the right asbestos removal contractor.

  1. You can tell a fake contractor from a real one by doing a quick search of the company online. Genuine companies will have a website, contact information, and testimonials.
  2. Make a list of the companies that seem genuine to you. It is important that the companies are found as close to your area of residence as possible. If you have their contact information then call or email them explaining your situation and asking for a
    quote. It is best that you email them because you can easily attach photos showing the areas that contain asbestos.
    Additionally, this tip will help save you money as you won’t be charged for having someone come to your house to assess the situation.
  3. Choose a day when you can meet them. If the contractor still needs to come to your home have him/her come during the day when there is enough natural light to see.
  4. Don’t be afraid to questions. Just because they are the professionals does not mean that you cannot ask questions. After all, it is your money that will be paying for the job. Ask them how they will be carrying out the job; if they have insurance; the kind of tools they will use; how long they will take etc. These are important questions, because for instance if they will take long, you will need to arrange for accommodation for you and your family in order to avoid contamination.

What Are The Requirements For Bathroom Asbestos Removal With Class A and B Licenses?

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Unlike bathroom asbestos removal that doesn’t require a license, removal projects that require class A and B licenses involve much greater precautions. This is because such process is much more extensive, with greater potential risks. Here re the samples of some applicable requirements based on guidelines provided by the Australian Work Health and Safety Regulations (WHS Regulations):

1. Presence Of An Asbestos Removalist Supervisor

A company that offers professional asbestos removal will always have an asbestos removalist supervisor. Licensed asbestos supervisors possess certification based on the particular license for removal projects. Their supervisory role also depends on the type of work being carried out.

For instance, a supervisor must always be present in class A licensed removal work, involving friable products (asbestos containing materials in form of dust or debris). On the other hand, a supervisor isn’t required to be physically present in class B licensed removal work involving extensive non-friable products (solid asbestos containing material). In such a case, the supervisor is only required to be easily accessible during the project.

A slight variation applies in case someone is working alone as a self-employed worker. In such an instance, the self-employed worker must have the competency to work on non-friable products, as well as the competency of a supervisor. This applies to class B licensed removal projects.

2. Training And Certification Of Workers

Due to the hazardous nature of asbestos removal, strict certification and training requirements apply to all workers. All workers must complete specific units of competencies relevant to their particular roles. This means that supervisors would possess additional units of competency compared to other workers.

Through training, workers will gain the following skills/competencies:

  • – Understanding the hazards and risks involved
    – Knowledge of adverse effects to a person’s health
    – Awareness of the risk posed by airborne asbestos
    – How to use special equipment and methods in removal projects
    – Awareness of control measures and proper maintenance of a removal control plan
    – Proper decontamination procedures
    – Effective methods of handling emergency situations
    – Knowledge of applicable legal requirements

Registered training organizations provide all the necessary training. This is normally offered in a progressive manner, starting with Class B unit of competency before the Class A. Additionally, professional companies will also provide further training to all workers.

3. Informing Concerned Parties

The fact that asbestosis removal projects can pose a risk to people within the vicinity means that all concerned parties must be well-informed beforehand. Firstly, managerial personnel should be briefed on the type of work and start date. In turn, managerial personnel should share this information with:

  • – Other people working at the premises
    – The person who commissioned the removal project
    – People with businesses nearby

This is simply a sample of the many requirements in licensed bathroom asbestos removal. Various other requirements include obtaining an asbestos register from the managerial personnel, preparing a removal control plan, notifying the regulator, limiting access to the work site, providing decontamination facilities, proper containment and disposal of waste and clearance inspection.

Bathroom Asbestos Removal Facts

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Asbestos could be defined as a mineral material that comes in fiber type. It can be identified by specialists through visual inspection by means of a microscope. It can be, only identified by unskilled people, on the flip side only if it’s labeled. It turned out to be a standard fiber used on building material thanks to its excellent strength and heat resisting properties. Nonetheless, following the late 80s, studies revealed it was an extremely dangerous fiber that had the possibility of causing acute ailments. In other words, in the event the fibers were affected, it will be discharged in the atmosphere and folks will inhale it. One study from Comprehensive Center and the Vienna University for medical cancer in Vienna General Hospital revealed pleural cancer was caused by persistent inhalation of the fibers.

Most roofs were made from this lethal material, because it had been utilized on most building materials. So, any building renovations included hiring a professional asbestos removal team prior to any renovation processes. Renovations demands are tearing apart, drilling or twisting of the roof. These actions could cause release of any asbestos that is bonded.

Measures a Professional Would Take During Bathroom Asbestos Removal Procedures

If asbestos exists on the roof, first thing a professional does would be to identify. He’ll have a sample through employing a microscope to analyze for evidence of existence largely. He’ll subsequently discover the kind of asbestos present to find out the following cause of action. You can find just two forms of asbestos, the sort that is bonded and friable. The bonded is the dangerous kind that stays for the reason that state that is benign unless distressed. The sort that is friable is the atmosphere introducing great risk to the healthiness of the folks inhaling it is readily contaminated by the dangerous sort whose fibers.

The cause of action would be one of removal, repair or two things. As renovations would mess with staying undisturbed asbestos nonetheless, entire removal is required by roof removals of asbestos. After removing the lethal material, he’ll subsequently execute a safe and suitable disposal process that additionally needs transport of the damaging material to an authorized disposal site.

Safe Asbestos Management Processes

The atmosphere causing injury to individuals wellness can be certainly contaminated by asbestos. For this reason, it truly is best to find out how exactly to stop air pollution causing inhalation that is immediate.

• Constantly put such as for instance heaters and air conditioners that would encourage asbestos pollution in the air. So they should really be shut down prior to the removal procedure.

• Any atmosphere systems must be kept tagged and sealed within an air tight container.

• Undisturbed asbestos used during the treatment such as the protective equipment ought to be disposed

• Sample of asbestos on protective garments when handling this material that is lethal. Sampling demands touching, hence, protective gloves are recommended. Following the process is performed dispose the gloves.

• After removing asbestos, all material is clear of anyone without protective equipment.

Ways of Handling Asbestos

Asbestos needs removal or a repair. The repair procedure involves covering employing a duct tape or sealing the material having a sealant. The removal procedure is successful, although higher priced than the usual repair considering renovations must be performed. As work have to be achieved on the roof removal guarantees there’s zero risk of asbestos fiber inhalation.

3 Ways to Perform Bathroom Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos was utilized in buildings in the 1940’s. The substance is famous because of its durability, insulation and fire resistance. Yet, it’s been noted that the stuff causes more damage than the good and is not recommended to be used in buildings. Actually, the Australian Workers Union is campaigning for the removal of substances comprising asbestos by the year 2030 from Australia.

Stuff containing asbestos in the toilet will probably be discovered on appointments, walls and floors. It functions as a compound that is added to bind vinyl tiles and make vinyl wallpaper. Section of the stuff was likewise used to make bath tubs. Asbestos was commonly utilized in the toilet due to its water resistant property.

Safe Work Australia advocates that the inspection be carried out first before carrying on with removal to ascertain the kind of asbestos present. After review, the removal procedure can start. This endeavor needs to be completed with an accredited contractor.

Make sure that you just hire a contractor who follows all of the precautionary measures that implement in removal of asbestos. For example, wearing protective equipment to lessen the probability of restricting use of the region being worked on and coming into direct contact with asbestos should be precedence.

Here are a number of ways in which you can utilize to eliminate asbestos out of your toilet:

1.Water Injection and Saturation

In this technique, quite thick asbestos is completely soaked in water. The toilet floor probably will own such thick asbestos. Water is injected right to the asbestos by use of a particular injecting head that’s exits and inlets for water. The injectors are afterwards disposed of as asbestos waste, due to their direct contact with all the material that was damaging.

2. Dry Removal Approach

When working in great conductors of electricity and a toilet with live wires, this approach is employed. This really is intended to avert mishaps like electric shocks. When working in places which are enclosed partly or entirely, the process may also be employed.

3. Wet Removal Approach

As it reduces the probability of fibres becoming airborne, this approach is highly favoured by most asbestos removal contractors. No dust or minimal is ensured since the water in use is under low pressure. Here, the fibres are suppressed by pouring water over them. A detergent might be added to increase absorption speeds. The toilet surface should remain wet through the entire procedure. This type of strategy can be utilized to get rid of toilet asbestos tiles.

Be eager as it could be discovered on the lovely tiles, wallpaper and ceiling to recognize asbestos in your toilet. You undoubtedly do when it’s already and won’t need to find this kind of material that is dangerous.

Constantly take into account that managing of asbestos ought to be finished using lots of precaution as a way to prevent inhaling its fibres that are dangerous. Regulations and rules for asbestos removal additionally apply in toilet asbestos removal.

Bathroom Asbestos Removal: Which Are The Facts

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Lots of people in Australia understand too well how dangerous asbestos could be. That is partially due to the campaign run by The Australian Workers Union to remove all asbestos materials by 2030 from Australia. AWU supporting them to have it taken off their houses and is instructing Australians on the risks of asbestos.

A silicate mineral, asbestos, is exceptionally resistant to fire and heat. Additionally, it may be utilized as an insulator. When asbestos is normally found there, the toilet is normally wet. It’s significant to be aware of the steps in removing asbestos, gains of security measures and removal, removal prices to take throughout the removal process.

Measures Taken In Asbestos Removal In The Bathroom

Your own bathroom’s kind of asbestos present will be initially inspected by a specialist asbestos removal contractor. One kind of asbestos is friable, which includes loose fibres that readily disperse to the atmosphere and cause sicknesses that are serious if inhaled. Another sort is non-friable whose fibres can stay intact for quite a while or even touched and are bonded together.

This identification will decide the way your contractor will probably perform the removal procedure. The contractor will determine renovate the whole toilet or whether to merely eliminate the asbestos. Eventually, the removal process will be carried out by the contractor and dispose the waste in the designated website.

Advantages Of Bathroom Asbestos Removal

Exposure to asbestos has lots of health hazards. Asbestos causes mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural difficulties and lung cancer. These sicknesses are grown following a prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibres. Your household along with you will never be at risk after removing asbestos out of your own bathroom.

The Removal Cost

The removal price will depend completely on how big your toilet is. The price of an accredited contractor could possibly be somewhat pricey, but that’s nothing set alongside the healthiness of your loved ones.

There are contractors that will offer you a calculator on their respective websites. The calculator offers you an approximation of the sum you’re prone to pay in connection to the number of asbestos present in your own bathroom. So you can have a precise price assessment for the task, nonetheless, it’s advisable to simply invite the contractor to your house.

Security Measures During Removal

Various security measures to be employed during removal comprise of:

• According to Safe Work Australia, it’s always recommended to put on protective equipment when handling asbestos.

• Ensure the place you happen to be working on is barricaded to keep folks away

As they might encourage atmosphere pollution

• Shut down any ventilation systems like air conditioners. If there’s any asbestos stuff that is undisturbed.

• All asbestos waste should be kept in airtight bags and clearly labelled.

•All material found in the removal procedure and the protective equipment ought to be dispose.

Asbestos fibres are really dangerous. Thus, you need to make an effort to remove these when you find out that they exist in your area. Additionally, substances comprising asbestos should be managed in a well-ventilated space.

Taking Precautions During Bathroom Asbestos Removal

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Bulk of Australian dwellings which were built before the 1980s are proven to include some amount of asbestos. This in essence means that anybody who might have been nearby, or might have done renovations that are straightforward in such houses could have inhaled a bit of the asbestos fibers. These fibres would be the principle reason for malignant mesothelioma, a state which is always lethal. After being exposed to these dangerous fibres, individuals are proven to have succumbed.

When Doing Regular Care

When performing regular care like painting on asbestos established cement surfaces without a wire scraping or sealing, sanding and brushing, you may simply demand taking the standard precautions including doing the job in a well ventilated place. The President of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia, Barry Robson says individuals dwelling in residences which contain asbestos though there may be exceptions, although it has not been at all socialized with by them but merely exposed have minimal likelihood of developing mesothelioma.


But if you’re organizing to in any manner disturb the substances that may be comprising asbestos, it’s crucial that you just take suitable precautions in order to avoid risking your own personal well-being as well as that of your household. It is because you’re apt to be discharging dangerous asbestos fibres to the open air at the place where they are able to get inhaled.

A West Australian study did emphasize this mater by exhibiting that instances of mesothelioma linked to care and home renovation had grown noticeably throughout the prior decade and were showing an up tendency. The study that was printed in the Medical Journal of Australia affected potently and was an effective prompt to set up the Asbestos Management Review as section of the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022.

Security Precautions

Ahead of starting any work that requires asbestos materials, for example toilet asbestos removal, you need to measure size and the character of the endeavor plus finishing it of your personal means. In the event the undertaking looks beyond your ability or complex, engage an experienced professional. Appraise the amount of work sessions required for the end of the task should you choose to do it yourself. Subsequent to that, obtain adequate and proper equipment for the work.

Wear An Appropriate Respirator

To wear the proper protective gear is essential in order to guard yourself when working with substances containing asbestos. Standard dust masks usually are not effectual in discontinuing the possible inhalation of asbestos dust and fibres. All respiratory protection apparatus should maintain conformity with Australian/New Zealand Standard 1716. You must be clean shaven along with your respirator and should be having a close fit, to be certain your respirator is successful.

Possess the respirator for you while the cleaning continues to be performed, until the endeavor session is done and all of your asbestos contaminated coveralls continues to be bagged and after that sealed after removal. It’s essential that respirators or masks be constantly worn by every individual active in the removal of asbestos material

 Attire In Disposable Clothes

Disposable coveralls should be properly used to check the pollution of your other clothes plus footwear. A disposable hat or an attached hood and disposable hand gloves that are suitable must even be put on. Smooth and nonslip footwear without laces or top fasteners are better as they reduce the possibility of inadvertent slipping.

Appropriate Disposal Of Asbestos

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Asbestos was used throughout the early to mid-section of the 20th century. It’s a unique type of mineral which has fibers. It was typically used on cooker tops due to the unique properties, furnace, and roofs. Asbestos is famous for the way it can resist fire heat, and sometimes even electricity. It may also make your roof immune to water. It was likewise used on hearths and steam pipes.

Asbestos was likewise used to sound proof a space plus it might be found on floors, ceiling, and walls. It had been utilized in paints but just before the year 1977 because authorities prohibited or banned the employment of the mineral fiber in some of these items. They did this to shield individuals on their health in the damaging effect of asbestos. Asbestos was regarded as the primary cause of lung cancer abestosis, and mesothelioma. Asbestosis is the condition where serious damages have been created by the inhaled asbestos fibers to the lungs. Mesothelioma is a kind of cancer that grows in the inner layer of the stomach and chest cavity.

Substances made out of asbestos will not be dangerous so long as they have been in good shape. But as these substances age, splits and damages could grow either due to environmental or human variables. If asbestos sheeting broken or broke, the fibers will probably be exposed and this is the part that is speculative. You may need to call for the services of professionals that are trained to handle this type of difficulty instantly. The fibers could propagate to the whole community in the air whether this issue isn’t dealt with promptly. There’ll be a large chance that these fibers that may bring about some of the ailments brought on by asbestos inhalation could be inhaled by people in your neighborhood.

There are several asbestos regulations saying that just the accredited and skilled individuals are permitted to manage and do the dangerous job of disposal and asbestos removal. Because it may be a dangerous task for people that usually are not too knowledgeable concerning the work. Never try to do this on your own as well as allow the professionals do what they are trained to do. And they’ve every one of the protective equipment that is essential to help keep them safe from these substances that are dangerous.

The next part is the disposal procedure when they have beeb safely removed the materials containing asbestos like asbestos sheeting. Because asbestos is considered to be dangerous so officials and authorities wouldn’t allow these types of substances in the dump site, you cannot simply dump asbestos containing materials in an average waste or dump site.

Where all the dangerous waste substances from your city are buried, you may need to hire some who will transport these substances into a particular area. You may need to get some good licenses before they allow you the permission to work with that site to throw the substances comprising asbestos and pay some fees. Asbestos-containing materials locked and have to be thoroughly soaked in a sealed container to make certain security. Your presence may be required in the disposal site.

Asbestos could possibly be dangerous or even treated promptly by going through the right disposal procedure, but you might prevent any damaging effects. Let professionals perform the job to be sure the occupation is likely to be carried out the correct manner and also to make certain of your personal security.

Stay Away From Asbestos And Lead In Older Homes – Take These Helpful Hints

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There’s obviously something astonishing when you just wish to meet your fantasy or try and get on old houses. Aspiring homeowners who intend to obtain historic properties have to understand the way to handle problems that are important on such property associated with asbestos and lead. You may be overly keen to remain in your just – purchased house as you still haven’t had any idea on what’s shop for you personally when it comes to care as well as repair. But it’s critical to bear in mind that prioritizing issues concerning lead-based paint and asbestos abatement is tremendously needed.

Should you chance to get a property which is 4 centuries old, and then it has undoubtedly used lead and asbestos elements because of its construction. Both of these common construction materials that were dangerous are usually found in houses which are constructed beyond 1950s. Consequently, as a homeowner of such a house, you must be conscious of stuff that can really assist you to fight with the dangerous effects they are able to give you and also for your family.

Lead is used by most houses in preceding time-based paints which are subsequently recognized to be quite dangerous to health. Lead is a part combined in paints that can make serious damage to an individual’s well being. A few of these serious ailments are defects on nervous system, decrease the IQ and slow difficulty in hearing and in development. After this part is inhaled through little dusts, most people are susceptible to the effects that are damaging. Bear at heart which you have to understand the way to avoid these problems. By removing the paints in your own home, you can begin. If you are getting a renovation in your own home, constantly scrutinize that you’re not using lead-based paints and hire the professional services of a master in lead paint abatement occupations.

Along with that, asbestos is just another thing that you simply are required to keep from. This can be a part found in broilers and furnace to greatly help prevent from being consumed by fire. This is likewise applied on the floors as well as about sidings, roofs. This material is trusted on by most houses that are old as its fire resistant characteristics. But asbestos isn’t that dangerous compared to lead. It merely releases its dangerous effect after it really is split or broken, inducing the dusts that are hazardous to come out to the air. Hence, if you’re staying in a house that is historical, protected that floor, your roof and sidings aren’t broken so as not to release any hazardous dusts. For a renovation that is safer, get in touch with your local building department and request assistance regarding on the best way to remove asbestos. There are specialists on asbestos abatement or removal contractors which you can rely on these sorts of occupations. Leave it up to them for a home renovation that is considerably guaranteed.

Performing study and an extensive research on historical houses and the best way to experience building in a manner that is safer is extremely necessary for aspiring homeowners who like to get residences that are old. The worth of those kinds of properties is lasting and this really is enough reason for deciding to get to them. Confronting the difficulties concerning asbestos and lead is when you choose to possess a property that is historical, something which should be prioritized. You’re only ensuring yourself that it’s really a rewarding investment for you personally using this method.

Advice Regarding Safe Bathroom Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos is a cover name ascribed to a group of naturally forming fibrous materials. Though previously extensively used, asbestos is currently restricted in its usage. From the mid of 1940 to the 80s, it was commonly used in a lot of domestic household appliances goods and building products, owing to its strength and being heat resistant. Today, its removal is being recommended in some situations, especially if it gets broken for it release harmful fibers into the air.

Common Bathroom Areas Likely To Have Asbestos

• Bathroom walls, ceiling, and floors.
• Boilers insulation and pipe-work
• Bathroom rainwater pipes
• Extension bathroom roofing

Advice On Asbestos Cement

Asbestos cement products are finely bonded building materials, frequently employed in bathroom tiling and roofing. Care should be taken so as not to confuse asbestos insulation board with asbestos cement because they look similar in terms of appearance. Asbestos insulation board is more hazardous because it is softer. To inhale asbestos dust is hazardous. It is therefore recommended that individual householders should only remove the asbestos cement with some expert to do the job. All other asbestos types of bathroom asbestos removal should be performed by a trained and licensed asbestos contractor only.

The following precautions and advice only apply to asbestos cement. The other kinds of asbestos are generally more dangerous and call for more stringent precautions. They require specialized management and disposal typically best offered by an asbestos removal contractor who is government licensed.

Who May Undertake Removal Of Asbestos Cement?

• The All-Purpose Builder

Many general builders could perform the removal of asbestos cement without requiring licensed personnel. They, however, must adhere to the prescribed safe working procedures and make suitable provision for the proper disposal of asbestos waste in accordance with the Work Safe Occupational Health and Safety regulations and laws of their respective State or Territory.

It is essential that you plan well for the job; acquire the equipment and materials needed for the task as well as make suitable disposal arrangements. The majority of the jobs may be performed in relative safety if the remover pays due attention to detail and adheres to laid down safety protocols. The NOHSC Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos (2005) offer asbestos removers useful guidelines on safety procedures to be observed.

The following precautions may be observed to reduce the risk to a minimum level:

• It is strongly recommended that you wear a suitable face mask or an approved respirator and disposable coveralls.

• Plan the removal in such a way that the asbestos material itself gets actually handled as little as feasible so as to reduce the release of the harmful fibers.

• Avoid generating asbestos cement dust by not using power tools or breaking up the material. In addition, avoid wire brushing or sanding down asbestos cement.

Removal And Disposal

All asbestos cement waste ought to be wrapped securely in double layered strong polyethylene and then sealed with strong duct tape. After usage, all the protective equipment and gear ought to be also disposed of as asbestos waste. This should be disposed in an approved government waste site and not in the general garbage collection dump.

The Process Of Bathroom Asbestos Removal Without A License

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The process of bathroom asbestos removal may require class A or B licenses or none at all. The particular steps in a removal project will depend on the licensing requirement. Here is an overview of the steps involved in a removal project that doesn’t require licensing (based on guidelines provided by Safe Work Australia):

Removal Process That Doesn’t Require Licensing

The steps involved in this process are quite simple since the scope of such a project is small. In such a situation, you’re only dealing with a small size bathroom with a maximum of 10 m2 of non-friable products (solid asbestos containing material). Take note that, as much as no license requirement exists for this type of work, all workers must be properly trained on how to identify and safely handle asbestos.

The process in such a project should include the following aspects (based on requirements by the Australian Work Health and Safety

Regulations WHS Regulations:

  • Unless the work is carried out at domestic premises, a copy of the workplace’s asbestos register must be obtained beforehand. Persons with managerial control of the workplace are required to provide this document.
  • Workers can then proceed to identify specific hazards within the workplace. This isn’t just limited to the particular hazardous materials that need to be removed. The removal team must also take into consideration various hazards that may arise due to the removal process, as well as the surrounding environment.

Several potential hazards include:

1. Heat Stress – Working in confined spaces is likely to cause heat-related hazards. This is mostly due to the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by workers. Therefore, the proper assessment must be made of the intensity of work, temperature, air movement, humidity, exposure to heat sources and physical aspects of the workers. Moreover, the risk of heat stress can be alleviated through job rotation, providing cool drinks, appropriately scheduled work breaks, properly fitting PPE and demarcating shaded rest areas.

2. Exposure To Airborne Asbestos – Removal of friable products (asbestos containing material in form of dust) can disperse the harmful material into the air. To control this risk, special enclosures may be used to curb airborne dust particles.

  • Once the specific work area has been identified, signs and barricades must be erected around it. This will prevent intrusion by unqualified persons.
  • During the actual removal, it’s highly recommended that wet spray or saturation and water injection methods are utilized. These two methods are effective in suppressing asbestos fibers, unlike the dry method. However, the dry method may be used in case the work area has live electrical conductors.
  • Only the correct equipment, tools, and PPE must be used during this process.
  • Decontamination facilities must be readily available.
  • After removal, all asbestos waste must be properly labeled and disposed of, as soon as possible.
  • Eventually, all PPE used during this process must also be disposed of in a similar manner to the asbestos waste. Alternatively, it may be decontaminated, packed into sealed double bags and laundered in a facility that can launder asbestos-contaminated material.